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Gala Auction Artists
at the GRCA National Specialty 2015

Sue Campia, Auction Chair

Silent Auction :

Artist: Michael Faulkner
Donor: Bill & Janet Lauderdale

best beloved breed
"Best Beloved Breed"
Artist: John Weiss
Donor: A friend of the GRF

A Golden Hunter
"Golden Hunter"
Artist: Ann Taylor
Donors: Nancy St. John & Roger Hickey

Goldens at Guisachan
"Goldens at Guisachan"
Artist and Donor: Lynn Paterson
Golden love
"The Love of a Golden"
Handpainted Sign
Donor: Gibbs-GRLS Study Dog #62

Artist and Donor: Grace Ingraham

The Golden Retriever
"The Golden Retriever"
Artist: MJ Bryan
Donor: Janine Fiorito

Mutual Admiration
"Mutual Admiration"
Artist and Donor:
Cathy Morrison Partridge

Best Buddies
"Best Buddies"
Artist and Donor: Judi Rideout

Beach Dog
"Beach Dog"
Artist: Debra Birtwell Young
Donor: A friend of the GRF

Golden Jigsaw Puzzle
"Golden Jigsaw Puzzle"
Artist: Elzabeth Platais
Donor: Sherry Washburn

Golden Pup with decoy
"Golden Pup with a Decoy"
Artist: Linda Picken
Donor: A friend of GRF

Colonial Golden Flag
"Colonial Golden Flag"
Artist: Ken Dwyer
Donor: Ken & Pat Dwyer


Live Auction:

Couch Puppies
"Couch Puppies"
Artist: Michael Faulkner
Donor: Patrice Loves

Pheasant Hunting
"Pheasant Hunting"
Artist: Ken Ottinger
Donor: Bruce $ Liz Russell

No Picture
"Golden Walking Stick"
Artist: Pat Dwyer
Donor: Ken and Pat Dwyer

"Children of the Sea"
Artist: Jeff Wheelock
Donor: Roger & Anna Hackney

Golden Retrievers
" Golden Retrievers"
Artist: Susan Harper
Donor: A Friend Of GRF

Custom Portrait
"Custom Portrait"
Artist: Lauren Taylor
Donor: Sydney and Jack Waring

A Coat of Many Colors
"A Coat of Many Colors"
Artist: Karl Wagner
Donor: Matt & Cherie Fisher

Golden Pride
"Golden Pride"
Artist and Donor: Thomas Stevens

Custom Portrait
"Custom Portrait"
Artist: Heidi Rose
Donor: Dan & Sue Campia

Kiss It Goodbye
"Kiss It Goodbye"
Artist: Kathy Hagerman
Donor: Janine Fiorito

Artist: Simon Bull
Donor: Shari & Kevin Curran

1985 Best of Breed Quilt
"1985 Best of Breed Quilt"
Artist: Betty Gay
Donor: Susan Kessler

Golden Retriever Statue
"Golden Retriever Statue"
Artist: Marcia Schlehr
Donor: A Friend of GRF



Booth Auction:

No PhotoDock Diving Golden
"Dock Diving Golden"
Artist: Ken Dwyer
Donor: Ken & Pat Dwyer

No Photo
"Golden Wreath"
Artist: Pat Dwyer
Donor: Ken & Pat Dwyer

Mama and Newborn
"Mama and Newborn"
Artist: Victoria Laird
Donor: Victoria Peterson Laird

Swimming Senior
"Swimming Senior"
Artist: Victoria Laird
Donor: Victoria peterson Laird

Artist and Donor: Grace Ingraham

No Photo
"Golden Afternoon"
Artist and Donor: Ann Taylor

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