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GRF Directors:

To send an email to any of the GRF Board members and Officers noted below, write to contact:
One of us will get back to you right away.

GRF President

John Cotter

GRF Vice President

Cindy Collins

GRF Treasurer

Shirley Peskie

GRF Secretary

Dianne Barnes

Donations should be paid to GRF,
and mailed to:

Golden Retriever Foundation
PO Box 3462
Omaha, NE 68103

All other correspondence, including grant applications, should be mailed to:

Dianne Barnes, Member Club Liaison

Sue Campia, Gala Art Auction Chair

Please feel free to contact the following
people directly as well:

For information on wills and bequests:

Nancy Talbot and Robert Scott

For information on individual donations:

Anne Kowalski,
Director of Donor Relations
Phone: 623-521- 8643

For information on planning a
DNA/Blood Draw:

Michael Lappin, DVM
508-759-4522 or Cell: 617-852-539

Webmaster questions:
Ane Brusendorff

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