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GRF History

History of the Golden Retriever Foundation

The objectives of the Foundation are outlined in our Mission Statement:
  • To foster and promote the public's knowledge and appreciation of dogs in general and Golden Retrievers in particular.
  • To further understanding of the diseases, genetic defects, injuries and other ailments that afflict
    dogs in general and Golden Retrievers in particular.
  • To promote and assist the development, publication and dissemination of educational materials
    about the proper care, treatment, breeding, health, development and training of Golden Retrievers.
  • To foster and promote the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of displaced Golden Retrievers.

The catalyst for the establishment of the Golden Retriever Foundation (GRF) was an approximately $100,000 bequest from Carol Buckman, who was not a member of the GRCA but who loved her two Goldens dearly. Half of the money was put into the Buckman Fund with the then newly-established AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF). The Buckman Fund wouldgrant money to research studies that involved Goldens. The remaining $48,000,coupled with $72,000 from the GRCA's Committee to Assist Rescue, gave the Foundation a start-up total of $120,000. The original Buckman Fund is now under the direction of the GRF.

The foundation started with the General Fund and the Rescue Fund and has subsequently added four important additional funds. The Zeke Fund is dedicated to cancer research. The April Fund is designed to help rescue groups with extraordinary medical expenses. The Rachel Page Elliott Fund supports education. The Cotton Fund provides assistance for senior and special needs rescue dogs. More detail about each of these funds can be found elsewhere on this web site.

The Foundation has received exceptional support from several sources including:

  • Annual giving as an option through the GRCA membership renewals.
  • Proceeds from the annual Art Auction at the GRCA National Specialty.
  • Funding from generous donors who have offered tributes and memorials to favorite dogs, human friends, celebration of new litters, etc.
  • GRCA member clubs holding special fund raisers or sharing profits from other events.
  • Bequests from people wanting to continue their support of Golden Retrievers.
  • Challenges in which one or more persons has matched contributions up to a specified amount

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