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Eye registration

OFA Eye Registrations for
Golden Retrievers 8 years and older

The Golden Retriever Foundation is very excited to announce that plans have been finalized to pay for OFA Eye registrations for Golden Retrievers 8 years and older to be added to online registries.

With the designation of Pigmentary Uveitis (PU) as a very serious hereditary disorder in Golden Retrievers and the realization that most dogs with this serious condition will not present with the disease until after many are no longer being bred, the newest recommendation is to check dogs annually for life. Additionally, since PU is such a serious and painful disease, we want to encourage everyone with older dogs to get them checked even if they have never been used in a breeding program. Paying for the OFA registration is our way to encourage and support this effort. It is understood that all dogs will be included in the public database so the owner must agree to results being published. Lets all work together to help reduce the occurrence of this painful eye disease. For more detailed information on this project, subscribe to GRF Updates.

When you submit your eye clearance to OFA, the DOB will exempt the senior from the registration fee.  OFA does not require eye vouchers for seniors.

Please share this update with anyone you feel may be interested! To join, simply send a blank email to: