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Each year more than 8,000 displaced Goldens

who are abandoned, abused, left in pounds or turned in by owners are lovingly cared for and placed in adoptive homes by nearly 100 Golden Retriever Rescue organizations throughout the country.

There are two separate but linked GRF Funds that specifically support Goldens in need.

Volunteer-driven rescue groups often need financial support for such things as extraordinary veterinary expenses incurred on behalf of individual dogs including those who may have been rescued from puppy mills. The April Fund addresses this need.

In addition to financial support for veterinary care, rescue organizations often need help covering legal start-up costs, equipment, kennels, and public education. Donations to the Rescue Fund help to make all aspects of rescue work move forward smoothly.

Gifts to this fund also help rescue groups deal with young
dogs that need discipline and training before they can be successfully placed with a new family.

To the right you will find links to detailed explanations of the
April Fund and the Rescue Fund, what the guidelines are
for each fund, and how to apply for grants. Our goal is
to assure that senior silver-faced Goldens; victims of cruelty
in puppy mills; and special needs dogs are not put down just because it may take longer to find them permanent homes.

Learn more about these important funds.

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