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GRF Research Committment


Donations to the General Fund support comprehensive health studies of the Golden Retriever population, such as those concerning hereditary eye disorders (including pigmentary uveitis), hip dysplasia, thyroid disease, and other conditions pertinent to Goldens. Please visit the MAF and CHF Grants pages for a complete list of the projects that your generous donations have helped to support.

In addition to the General Fund, the GRF maintains the Zeke Cancer Research Fund, dedicated to finding solutions to a devastating and prevalent disease that strikes up to 50% of all Goldens in their lifetimes. Find the details here.

How Your Golden Can Help: A Legacy of Hope

With your generous financial support, the Golden Retriever Foundation funds a diverse range of health research studies investigating diseases such as several types of cancers, swallowing disorders, eye diseases, SAS, and other issues of importance to the breed. In order to succeed, several of these studies require the cooperation of owners and participation of affected dogs. For some studies, it is important that the dogs NOT be started on any medications prior to enrollment, or that biopsy or surgical samples be prepared in a specific manner, so please make contact as soon as possible when a diagnosis is suspected. Remember also that dogs owned by non-GRCA members are eligible for these studies, and please consider referring other Golden owners when possible. We recognize that it takes great courage to look beyond one’s own sorrow when a special dog is diagnosed with a devastating disease, and we applaud the owners who participate in these research studies. Sometimes in the midst of sadness, helping to work toward a better future allows our beloved dogs to leave a legacy of hope to the next generation. Link to spreadsheet with tissue donor info.

For more information, questions, or assistance Contact the GRCA Research Facilitator: Rhonda Hovan,, 330-668-0044


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