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Rescue of the Month

Beneficiaries of the April Fund

Donations to the April Fund have enabled the GRF to assist many Rescue groups throughout the country. Today, nearly 100 such groups are working to assure the safety and loving care of homeless Goldens in need of new adoptive homes.

Behind every grant, there is a story of a Golden in need. On this page we will be sharing with you some of the stories of April Fund beneficiaries.


Rescue Spotlight

Addie, a 9 week old golden puppy, came to Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue directly from her breeder. Addie was leaking urine and her breeder's vet diagnosed her with bladder stones. She had already had urinary tract infections and the breeder was choosing euthanasia if GSGRR didn’t accept her. Our program's veterinarian believed it wasn't a case of bladder stones but a prolapsed ureter. A referral to a specialist at School of Veterinary Medicine at LSU was made and the diagnosis was an ectopic ureter. It was believed to be a congenital problem where the tube is connected below the bladder sphincter, which holds the urine in the bladder thus causing incontinence. The surgical team was able to re-route the ureter to the proper position. Although the surgery was considered successful, Addie will likely need medication for the rest of her life but otherwise life will be normal. The Golden Retriever Foundation’s April Fund helped offset the costs of her surgery.

Addie has since been adopted and is beginning her training as a therapy dog. Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue, her new family and most of all Addie are very grateful.


Golden rescue organizations, with April Fund support, work together
to save 12 puppy mill rescues in Tennessee.

Amstell Coors Corona
Amstell Coors Corona
Heineken Killian Michelob
Heineken Killian Michelob

In late August last year, Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue (MTGRR) successfully recovered 12 Golden Retriever puppies–of ages 5-12 months, as well as an older female of 1-3 years—from a rural property in middle Tennessee believed to be operating as a puppy mill. These puppies were purebred Goldens and all but one weighed less than 22 pounds.  In cooperation with MTGRR, AGA took in six of the dogs, including the 1-3 year old female, and Adopt A Golden Knoxville took the other six.

Once the rescues were retrieved and brought to Georgia, AGA volunteers quickly realized they were faced with one of the saddest cases of neglect they had ever seen.  The puppies were extremely thin and AGA partner vets were sure they had not received any medical care prior to their rescue. All were suffering from ear infections, severe scabies infections, hotspots, hair loss, hookworm and roundworm.  They were malnourished and extremely underweight. A 1 year old female weighed only 21 lbs. A 10 month old male weighed only 17 pounds and, with a broken tail, appeared to be in the best shape of all.  While our partner vets took special care to treat them and bring them back to health, our new “Six Pack”—Killian, Amstel, Coors, Heineken, Michelob, and Corona—melted hearts.

AGA reached out to GRF for assistance through its April Fund–originally set up to provide assistance in the rescue of puppy mill dogs. Recognizing AGA’s urgent need for funds, GRF awarded AGA with an April Fund check which matched the initial costs of treating all six pups.  GRF’s funds helped bring the Six Pack back to life. AGA worked to socialize the six in order to find them warm, loving forever homes.  Five were adopted by Christmas. Only one, Amstel, struggled with her socialization, so she was transported to Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue where they have great training resources, and our latest report is that she is now walking on a leash and has a new golden friend, Betty.

AGA remains, as always, extremely grateful to GRF for the continued support and compassion it provides through the April Fund!

Below are “before” and “after” pictures of Heineken, a 5-6 month old male who came to AGA
with a broken tail and weighing only 17 lbs.
Heineken before Heineken after

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